ABC30 Action News: Fresno Unified Hoping to Give Students Easier Access to Healthcare

Gaston Middle School has a unique feature on its campus– a pediatric health clinic on site.

Now, Fresno Unified is looking to provide the same opportunity at several other school sites throughout the district.

“We’re in the business of schooling; we’re not in the business of healthcare. That being said, we know that our students benefit from when they have positive health outcomes to the greatest degree we can keep kids in school, longer,” said Bob Nelson, Fresno Unified School District.

Fresno Unified is working with local health officials, including the Fresno County Department of Public Health, to determine the highest need areas.

Trustees will look at approving health clinics on anywhere from six to 10 school sites. The clinics wouldn’t just serve students– but children in the surrounding community as well.

“It’s a place they know can get served and get back to school right away they’re not spending all day trying to arrange transportation across the city by bus, but they can get there and get in and out and have their needs met,” said Nelson.

There is no cost to the district other than providing a full time registered nurse on campus.

At Gaston– if the school nurse thinks a student needs to be seen by a medical professional at the health clinic parents can sign a consent form to get the child seen right away.

Clinica Sierra Vista operates the clinic at Gaston Middle School.

“Just the relationship they have, the communication, the back and forth and how they are here just to take care of children I think has been a success,” said Ruben Chavez, Clinica Sierra Vista.

Fresno Unified trustees will discuss and likely vote on approving the health centers at certain schools on February 8th.


Source:, Jessica Perez
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