Buchanan Educational Center

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Buchanan Educational Center
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Buchanan Educational Center

Clovis Unified School District


1997, CASH/AIACC Design and Planning Awards, Award of Excellence

The Buchanan Educational Center occupies 160 acres and includes Buchanan High School, Alta Sierra Intermediate School, Garfield Elementary School, and Buchanan Sports Complex (a five diamond softball complex, football stadium, baseball stadium and a host of athletic fields and courts). The schools in the Center work in a collaborative effort to provide effective programs for student success, while minimizing duplication of services. The schools share common facilities such as bussing, custodial, and maintenance. Consolidating the food service reduces overhead costs required to operate the schools. An east-west axis links the high school to the intermediate school allowing intermediate students to take advantage of certain facilities and services available at the high school, such as advanced classes, library and career guidance centers, performing arts center, and large capacity lecture rooms.

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