Trellis – Chino Skilled Nursing Facility

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Trellis – Chino Skilled Nursing Facility
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Trellis – Chino Skilled Nursing Facility

Plum Healthcare


2018, Best New Commercial Development, City of Chino Planning Commission

This new 37,000 square foot, 59 patient bed Skilled Nursing Facility provides a superior venue for recuperative healing and care within the city of Chino. Large interior corridors and gathering spaces presented in a “spa” style welcome patients and visitors. Each patient will have their own private room; well-appointed and conveniently located around the central courtyard. The Architectural design is a clean and understated expression of a California Contemporary style. As a medical facility it was important to present to visitors and patients a professional and modern atmosphere. On approach the distinctly modern porte cochere with floating steel beam up-light will offer a clear point of entry and contribute to a striking view from the street. Standing seam roofing and ornamental metal fencing are to punctuate the long solid horizontal massing of the building. Designers have selected a muted color pallet of earth tones and pastel. Several energy efficient and otherwise sustainable design features have been included. The building features a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) HVAC System with heat recovery technology, high quality R-30 roof insulation and R-19 wall insulation, enhanced window insulation throughout of U Factor .35 / solar heat gain coefficient .30,  a cool roof system and Energy Star water heaters with hot water recirculation piping.  Irrigation system uses low volume drip with weather-based management. This healthcare facility embraces the professional atmosphere of a cutting edge medical building while blending elegantly with the surrounding commercial area.

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