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5 Important elements of Interior Design

The convenience of having the Interior Design studio in the building is helpful for every project. When our project managers have a question about how some element of the interiors are coming together for a project, they don’t necessarily have to write an email and wait for a response or even call. They can just zip down to the other end of the building and connect with the interior designer face to face. This close connection contributes to a really collaborative environment. Experienced designers and architects are able to provide guidance, while younger design professionals can get a better “big-picture” view of how all the elements of a project are coming together.

We’re proud to offer clients the services of this award-winning design studio. The team is experienced in design and procurement for facilities of all types. The value added by this in-house service sets Darden Architects apart in the field and saves the client time and money. From initial discussions about vision and tone for the project through procurement and construction/installation, the interior design studio works hand-in-hand with the client to produce spaces that are both responsive and attractive. Our Interior Design studio has worked on hundreds of projects, large and small. These are 5 things our designers always keep in mind for each project:

  1. Listen to the client – It is our goal to hear the client’s vision and interpret this through a workable design concept.
  2. Select Appropriate Materials – Consider the intended function of the space and select finishes and furniture that support this use and may be easily maintained.
  3. Know the Code – Authorities having jurisdiction may dictate design choices; these guidelines must be incorporated.
  4. Budgeting – It is important to keep a watchful eye on the project budget and understand the role of Interior Design within the total project scope.
  5. Timeless Design – Classic Interiors selections and quality design work will survive changing fashions and ultimately benefit the client through extended lifetime use of a facility.

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