Model Behavior: How a Local Firm is Helping Students “See” Their Campus

Check out the fantastic article about Darden Architects’ work to provide 3D printed models as navigation tools for the visually impaired, in this week’s Business Journal. Below is an excerpt and a link to read the article in full:

“For students at a new school — especially a high school with hundreds of classrooms and dozens of buildings and hallways — navigating an unfamiliar campus can be a challenge. For a visually-impaired student, that challenge could be even greater. Professionals from Fresno-based Darden Architects have stepped up to assist visually impaired students at Clovis North High School with help from school staff and a plastics company.

Together, the team is in the process of designing and printing 3-D model maps of the Clovis North High School campus to help visually-impaired students get familiar with a physical representation of the school to navigate the grounds better. “First of all, it helps them more quickly access the new environments. Navigation improves if you can understand the layouts of a building. To be able to feel something in a model—a hallway — helps to more efficiently navigate through a building,” said Karen Loomis, orientation and mobility specialist at Clovis Unified School District…”

CLICK HERE to read the full article.

Big thanks to the Business Journal and especially the Author Frank Lopez.
Also thanks to Clovis Unified School District, Karen Loomis, Mary Allen, Precision Plastics, and the students at Clovis North High School!

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