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Clovis Community College

State Center Community College District


2009, AIA San Joaquin Chapter Awards, Award of Citation

The planning process for Clovis Community College was conducted as a District-wide activity. The campus site plan is focused inward. The arrangement of major buildings and outdoor gathering spaces create an internal “core” that concentrates academic and social activity, creating an intrinsic sense of community for the campus.

  • All campus functions are initially provided in Academic Center One (AC1). Incorporation of ample natural lighting was important to the design of the building. All main entrances to the building are identifiable by their unique architectural markers. Housing administrative and staff offices, versatile classrooms and an expansive computer laboratory, this first phase lays stable support space “ground work” for the remainder of planned campus growth.
  • Academic Center Two (AC2) is the second major phase of Clovis Community College campus development.  AC2 is an 80,000 square foot academic complex that houses a series of chemistry and microbiological science laboratories. Also included are a fitness center, dance studio, a state-of-the-art library/learning center, student services, faculty offices, and classrooms. The building design capitalizes upon this variety of spaces to create a central campus hub for students to connect, exercise, study, or just relax. This high-performance building blends effortlessly into the campus and community surroundings.  And provides a unifying landmark for the college.
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