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Madera Community College

State Center Community College District


1993, AIA San Joaquin Chapter Awards, Award of Honor

The Madera Community College  campus was designed to facilitate student and faculty interaction. The major functional spaces are focused around a center core.

  • Phase 1A, the 25,000 square-foot Administration Building, was conceived and designed to house classrooms, a 250-seat lecture hall, an admissions and registration area, faculty offices, administrative offices, and conference rooms. The building also houses a computer-based library, a computer laboratory, and a distance-learning classroom. The library and classroom spaces were designed to provide for future conversion to administrative space, after the next phase of the project was completed.
  • Phase 1B included construction of the first academic buildings of “Academic Village One.” The series of two story buildings are connected with canopies and elevated passage ways. These new buildings face inward, forming a series of exterior spaces that eventually come together in the central plaza.  In the center of the campus is a large fountain that will provide a relaxing respite and focal point.  These facilities include a Large Lecture Hall, state-of-the-art Computer Labs, Biology/Microbiology Laboratories and Licensed Vocational Nursing program facilities.
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