Reedley College Math + Science Building

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Reedley College Math + Science Building
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Reedley College Math + Science Building

State Center Community College District


2018, AIA San Joaquin Chapter, Award of Honor in the "Unbuilt" Category

The program of the 22,000 SF Reedley Math + Science building is laid out on two floors and includes simulation dental and nursing labs, math tutorial center with private meeting/study rooms, multiple chemistry labs and lecture rooms, and staff offices. The contemporary design style is evident in the Western elevation of the building. The window pattern is intended to bring light into the second-floor chemistry labs and control the natural light in lecture/presentation spaces. College colors also appear in perforated metal railing on the exterior stairways. The interior spaces will offer a modern collegiate-style learning environment featuring versatile mobile furniture and integrated technology. The college identity has been carried though the interior with orange structural beams and accent lighting. The Northwestern façade of the building is angled to create an intimate courtyard that can provide a shady location for student gathering, study, collaboration, and outdoor learning. Additionally, exterior furniture, including writable surfaces have been included to support student interaction. This new math and science building features leading edge learning spaces, staff support spaces, and facilities for career readiness. It is a positive jump forward for the college and contributes immensely to the quality of education in the community.

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